Get into a whole new level of integrated audiovisual and lighting experience that will lift your senses; join the new world of technology combining high quality, performance and aesthetics that will turn your everyday reality into a unique breathtaking experience. In SMARTAUDIO, we perceive every detail of your needs and demands and it is our job to make them true. On top of all the modern up-to-date trends in the field of audio, video and automation, in a constant search for innovative technologies and with a large variety of choices, we open new horizons to the use of smart systems and applications. In SMARTAUDIO, we share passion, knowledge and vision to lead you into the future, where image and sound create an unparalleled experience for your senses.

No company can reach the top, if it is not driven by the passion of creation, and this is why SMARTAUDIO is today one of the leading audiovisual companies in Greece. Join our passion for perfection and full satisfaction of the senses and live the experience of a brand new audiovisual era.

SMART AUDIO shares the passion of youth, as it was established in 2013, but also the effectiveness and guarantee of the year-long experience of its executives and staff, since for more than 20 years they have been involved in the audiovisual sector and have been awarded for their innovative applications in commercial and residential spaces. The company has developed high European standards of functionality and extroversion and it is one of the most recognized audiovisual companies in the Greek market. It delivers turn-key projects by designing custom-made systems of indefinite possibilities according to the customers’ demands. It also distributes audiovisual products throughout Greece and cooperates with the leading high-tech audiovisual companies in the world. 

The fundamental philosophy of our company lies in the friendly communication with the customers, the creativity, the up-to-date information on technology, as well as the seamless delivery of projects. Key objective in SMARTAUDIO is the incorporation of every technological advance that improves the quality of audiovisual experience, through a single access to multiple systems operating in a user-friendly environment. The implemented projects upgrade the customers’ demands, whether they involve a workplace, like a multipurpose room with audiovisual, projection systems, or home applications, like home cinema or home automation systems. 

The aim of SMARTAUDIO has always been the top. We believe in our strengths, we always move a step further and we know that aspiration and love are the drivers of great projects. We believe in the team spirit and the additional value that comes up when bringing skills and talents together. In SMARTAUDIO, we have the best of the best, the team that makes the difference.  

Companies are nothing but the people comprising them. Hence, in SMARTAUDIO we constantly invest in human resources. Our executives, associates and staff have been selected based on strict criteria, they have a long experience and they have carried out hundreds of commercial and residential projects. However, this is never enough. They are constantly trained in modern systems and technological innovations, while they obtain the respective qualifications and certifications at a personal and corporate level. They support the company’s vision and they are fully dedicated to the best possible exploitation of technology, with a view to the outmost satisfaction of the needs expressed by our customers, along with politeness, understanding and absolute discretion that constitute the key parameters of our corporate philosophy. In SMARTAUDIO, we leave nothing to chance. With flexibility, efficiency, promptness and reliability, we all share a single aspiration… to produce beyond all limits an ideal audio, video and automation outcome for your private space or your professional activity. Our ultimate professional goal is to prove ourselves worthy of your trust and choice.