About This Project


The European Cultural Centre of Delphi (E.C.C.D.) was founded in 1977, upon the inspiration and initiative of Konstantinos Karamanlis with the view of setting up a European and worldwide intellectual centre in Delphi.

Our mission was to design and intergrate moder audiovisual equipment all the open air theatre “Frynihos” areas.

With capacity of 1,100 seats on two tiers, lined with local stone and stunning view over the bay of Itea. It has very good acoustics and excellent infrastructure for the installation of sound and lighting equipment. The diameter of the orchestra is 14 m.

Apart from theatre performances and other cultural events,  it can host the official opening of major conferences and symposia throughout the summer.

A multipurpose Hall on the ground level of the open air theatre “Frynihos”, 218 sq.m. (dimensions 28,35 Χ 7,70 m.), Equipted with state of the art technology 6 channel interpretation system, congress system, projection system, multiroom audio, broadcast cameras for live recording it is suitable for exhibitions, dance, music and theatre workshops. It can also convert into a conference room with capacity of 300 seats or two conference rooms of capacity 120 and 100 seats respectively.

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