About This Project

Custom outdoor cinema installation

A home technology lovers’ paradise along the picturesque Greek coastline. The entire property has been integrated with a Crestron system monitoring and controlling the 1,650 square metre building which now accommodates four media and cinema rooms.  Focusing on the exterior of the building, Smart Audio has designed and created the highlight feature of this project, a twenty-seat outdoor cinema. In the intention not to minimize the glam of the external landscape, a custom-made, pop-up mechanism maneuvers and disguises a 4200x2800mm cinema screen. Smart Audio’s innovative design highlights the company’s contemporary approach and understanding of the 21st century modern residence ¬- for whom discretion is everything.

Together with the front speakers, the screen is fully concealed under the garden for maximum discreetness and all-weather protection when not in use. Similarly, the projector is hidden via a false ceiling of the internal library room. When required, the projector elegantly slides out of the exterior wall providing feature-rich standards-based technology, no matter the weather. The external cinema installation creates a unique experience that is completed by a raised seating area designed with a subtle curve for maximum viewing flexibility. As the feature attraction of the residence, the outdoor cinema provides a great way to enjoy your favourite movies to live sports events in a novel, social arena for the summer months.

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